• Keneshia N. Grant, Ph.D.

As Booker exits Democratic primary, a once-historic field gets less diverse- USA Today

Story by: Rebecca Morin and Deborah Barfield Berry

“The Democratic Party tried to evolve … this year. It still has some work to do,’’ said Keneshia Grant, a political scientist at Howard University and author of an upcoming book, “The Great Migration and the Democratic Party.”

“It has to figure out how it can be a party that makes space for people who look like their most important constituency to hold the big offices or even having a chance to hold the big offices," she said. "It’s a sad day, a day that we saw coming, but sad no less that we didn’t end up with a candidate of color in the party that is home to people of color."

Full story available here: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2020/01/13/election-2020-cory-booker-drops-out-leaving-democratic-field-less-diverse/4454654002/

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