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Black Politics in Trump's America at the New America Foundation

From the New America Foundation: Black America's voter participation rates reached historic highs in order to help elect and re-elect Barack Obama to the presidency. But as racial injustices persisted and commanded the nation's attention, black Americans increasingly turned to protest to exert pressure on elected officials and policymakers. With the end of the Obama presidency, what political strategies will black Americans employ to have its policy preferences addressed during a Trump presidency? And will growing intraracial inequality expose class tensions and pit group solidarity against class economic interests?

Available via C-Span, by clicking here.


Jamelle Bouie  Chief Political Correspondent, Slate  | @jbouie

Megan Ming Francis PhD

Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Washington | @meganfrancis 


Ted Johnson  Fellow, New America | @T_R_Johnson_III

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