• Keneshia N. Grant, Ph.D.

Black voters move center stage as Democrats take debate to Atlanta- The Guardian

Story by Oliver Laughland

“I think there’s work for the Democratic party to do, frankly,” said Keneshia Grant, assistant professor of political science at Howard University. “In terms of figuring out what they can do to increase the likelihood that their diversity is reflected at the top of the ticket.”

Grant recognizes the pragmatism among African American voters described by Johnson, but cautions that current polling should not be seen as determinate of the final outcome.

“I think there are many black voters who don’t get reported on who have imagination, who remember Barack Obama being the underdog in 2007 and coming from behind to beat Hillary Clinton. And so I would say that even though these polls suggest at this time Joe Biden is the frontrunner, I can imagine a scenario where folks start to change their tune once they believe that another candidate is more viable.”

Full story available online here: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/nov/20/democratic-primary-debate-atlanta-georgia-black-voters

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