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Is it tokenism or representation? How to think about Joe Biden’s promises to nominate women.

Story By Eugene Scott

Keneshia Grant, a political science professor at Howard University, told The Fix that she thinks Biden making these commitments is a good thing if his goal is to win the support of more black voters.

“I think the party has to learn from 2016 — or I hope it learns — is that you can’t take turnout for granted, especially among black people,” she said. “When black people turn out, they will likely turn out for Democrats, but you actually have to work on the numbers.”

“I can imagine it being about women, but I can also imagine it’s about excitement, about giving something additional for voters to be excited about,” Grant added. “It’s one thing to say turnout needs to be high against Donald Trump, but I think it will also be helpful to give people something new, historic and hopeful to turn out for — and I think this might do that.”

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